Corporate Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle corporate photography is a more informal type of photography than corporate headshots on a white backdrop. Use it to show your team at its best. On the phone, or at their desks, doing what they know best: Delivering a service or working hard for their clients. Use your corporate imagery to deliver a message about your company and what it is all about.

Corporate photography lifestyle shots

This type of corporate shots is a great way to show your team at work. While corporate headshots are often seen as clinical, action shots of people working or communicating with other people are a great way to use the whole time of your booking, while waiting for people to arrive or a whole team to assemble.


Corporate lifestyle portraits take between 10 & 20 minutes per person being photographed.

Corporate lifestyle portraits pricing

For lifestyle corporate portraits, we charge per hour, half day and full day.

Portraits – On location:

£120 per hour

Multiple portraits – At your offices:

2-10 individuals (fees per hour) – £120 includes 5-10 images per person.

11-30 individuals (fees per half day) – £300 includes 5-10 images per person.

31-60 individuals (fees per day) – £500 includes 5-10 images per person.

Our fees and expenses are not subject to VAT.